Iken Smart Classes

MexusWelcome to Iken Classrooms at Happy Senior School. With Iken Classes; school blend together instruction, exploration, collaboration and evaluation techniques to ensure that students learn in a way that relates best with them. At Happy Senior School, children will enjoy freedom to learn through projects and activities; movies and animations; flipping through textbooks or presentations or over internet through edu-networking.

Iken School Ecosystem is brought to you by Mexus Education with a premise of optimizing learning and knowledge retention through developing personalized instruction techniques that relate to every student’s intellectual orientation and interactive – entertaining forms of topic dissemination like graphic novels, hands-on activity kits, movies, formative assessment systems etc. The fusion of classroom teaching with technology, teachers plan and deliver the lessons as per the caliber of students. So, the students have an environment that relates with their learning styles.

With Iken School; students will not just have simpler learning but also a more productive learning that ensures conceptual clarity; understanding of applications and longer retention of knowledge.